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What is this?

Post-Carbon Ireland is an initiative from a group of leading Irish academics, to address the critical issue of climate action at an Irish society-wide scale. The initiative was launched initially during the 2016 general election campaign, and now continues following the establishment of a new Government by the 32nd Dáil.

In the face of the planetary-scale emergency now posed by climate change, we are proposing one key action that we believe all parties and individual members of both the Dáil and Seanad should be able to unequivocally support: the immediate establishment of a Citizens’ Convention for a Post-Carbon Ireland.

We suggest that only such a convention can enable the sustained, citizen-led, engagement that is now essential to unite all of society in planning and creating a just, managed, transition to a secure, flourishing, and authentically sustainable post-carbon world.

Status Update: 16th May 2016

Following the establishment of a new Government, and the appointment of Deputy Denis Naughten as Minister for Communications, Climate Change and Natural Resources, we have formally written to Minister Naughten, drawing his attention to the call for a Citizens' Convention for a Post-Carbon Ireland, and requesting an early meeting to discuss the initiative. See also the associated press release. We will report here as soon as there is a response.

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How can you help?

Please sign the Post-Carbon Ireland petition at myUplift.ie! In this way every citizen can directly show their own support for this campaign.

Then, don't stop: share the campaign with your family, friends, colleagues and social networks. Tell them to do the same; and ask them to sign the petition too. Or print the petition flyer and distribute it to neighbours, community groups, class mates, or anybody you think might support it.

And now that the election is over, the final counts are completed, and you know who your local TDs are: email them personally, raise the question of climate action, and ask explicitly that they act as a matter of urgency in the life of the 32nd Dáil to establish the Citizens’ Convention. Write, in particular, to:  Denis.Naughten@oireachtas.ie, Minister for Communications, Climate Change and Natural Resources, and include a cc: to info@postcarbonireland.org